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The Great Tennis Roadshow Sponsorship Opportunity!

15,000 picking up a racket and trying tennis this March, with over 30,000 receiving information about our Open Days across different venues in Northamptonshire!

How does that sound.......?

We think a little bigger than we probably should at Northampton Tennis Coaching, but it is a culture I am not willing to sacrifice. And this project sums us up to a T!

The Great Tennis Roadshow is a series of FREE taster sessions in schools across Northampton, Wellingborough and Kettering learning up to Open Days at each of our 5 tennis clubs.

The Open Days are set to include:

- BBQ and/or food stalls

- Bar OPEN!

- "Beat The Coach" Competition

- Speed Gun to measure your serve speed

- Ball Machine Challenge

- Blazepod Challenges (

- and much more..........!

Our big issue with this grand plan, is that the cost of this makes us a little weak in the knees! With a minimum £5k projected cost to run this whole project, we really need some support to help make this happen. The more we can raise, the bigger we can make this event. Northampton Tennis CIC have put £2k towards the running of this event, so the more money we can raise through sponsoring the more schools and children we can engage, and the bigger we can make the prizes and the open days!

If this is something that you might be interested in sponsoring, I would love to have a chat with you over a coffee! I have put some ideas of what we can do for you, but if you've got better ideas then throw some at me!

Simon Gallo


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