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Hi Everyone, We are trialling a new concept which will allow us to work with your children to keep them practicing and learning new skills by sending them daily challenges and activities through this lockdown period (and after during restricted group sizes etc). After reading that new mental health issues went up 50% in 2020 and 1 in 3 children are now clinically overweight, we have really looked into a solution so kids in our programme stay healthy, both mentally and physically. The current booking app we use has brought out an accompanying children's app and it is great. It has brilliant features including the following:
  • challenges

  • quizzes

  • tips and videos

  • group chat between only kids in each team or group - this is great through lockdown as it is a secure coach and parent monitored feature and completely off social media which is so harmful for kids.

  • club notice board

  • leaderboards and monthly prizes

To set it up is extremely easily, just go onto your normal booking app and then follow 3 simple steps: 1. Click on family via three dots in top right corner 2. Click on the child 3. Create a password and subscribe The link to the childrens app is as follows: For apple iPhone users click here - For android users please click here - The cost is either £6.99 a month or £36 for the year (less than 70p a week). This is not an app game, its a coach led education tool for us to get kids out and about through lockdown and still be able to stay in-touch with their friends. Also the cost is mainly the time we will be spending adding challenges, monitoring the apps and getting things together like sending out prizes making videos etc. I hope you will join us and if you have any school friends who may like this please refer them to us too. Many thanks

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